Belgian Chocolate Plant Protein

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Post-workout Build Muscle Improve strength Weight loss Protein Powder
Protuff Plant Protein is a thoughtful blend of plant based protein, clinically researched ingredients, digestive enzymes and nutrient-dense super greens, with no gums & thickners. One serving delivers 25g of Protein with 5.37g of BCAAs.
Whether you are a healthy professional, busy mom, athlete or student, Protuff Plant Protein provides you with a convenient way to add extra nutrition to your active day.
Protein by itself? Sure!
Add it to smoothies and shakes? Absolutely!
Include it in your baking for added oomph? Yes, please!
We offer quality nutrition with premium ingredients!

One serving of 30g delivers

25g of Complete Protein
25g of Complete Protein
5.37g of BCAAs
5.37g of BCAAs
Digestive Enzymes
Digestive Enzymes
Super Greens
Super Greens
Antioxidants & Omegas
Antioxidants & Omegas
Clinically Researched Ingredients
Clinically Researched Ingredients
Cardio Boosting Ingredients
Cardio Boosting Ingredients

Say Noo Too

Pixie Dusting
Pixie Dusting
Added Sugar
Added Sugar
Gums & Thickners
Gums & Thickners

Whats inside

Here’s how each ingredient helps you to dominate your performance :

European Pea Protein Isolate, Brown Rice Protein
European Pea Protein Isolate, Brown Rice Protein
  • Protein Source with complete BCAA profile and a PDCAAS of 1.0
Wheat Grass Ext
Wheat Grass Ext.
  • Superfood which helps in digestion and boosts energy
Ashwagandha Extract
Ashwagandha Extract
  • A testosterone booster, increases muscle strength, rejuvenates the body


  • Space food used by astronauts, spirulina is high in protein, it’s an ideal snack after a workout to promote recovery Improves BMI.
  • May lower blood pressure. Aids weight management
Digestive Enzymes (Pepsin, Papain)
Digestive Enzymes (Pepsin, Papain)
  • Optimize the breakdown of fats, carbohydrates, and protein into amino acids for faster absorption, promote optimal nutrient absorption and reduce gas, bloating, indigestion, and constipation
Clinically researched OxyjunTM (Arjuna Ext.)
Clinically researched OxyjunTM (Arjuna Ext.)

Heart Performance Booster

  • Stimulant Free Botanical Extract To Boost Cardio Performance
  • Helps Build A Stronger Heart and Improves VO2 Max
  • Enhances Heart Performances By Stronger Contractions, Ejection Fractions And Cardiac Output

Clinically proven in human studies

  • 5.6 % increases in heart’s blood pumping capacity (LVEF)
  • 93.4% subjects exercised longer without exhaustion
  • 4.9% increase in VO2 max
Moringa Extract
Moringa Extract
  • Rich source of vitamins and minerals, which helps reduce muscle soreness
Pack Size (Weight)

1kg (31 Servings), 200g (6 Servings), 2kg (62 Servings), 5kg (156 Servings)



Protuff Plant Protein

Just one scoop covers up to 40% of your Daily Protein Requirement

Protuff Plant Protein

Reduces CVD Risk – Plant Protein in Combination with Fiber and Nuts may lower Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Blood Pressure and CRP

Protuff Plant Protein

Relieves Oxidative Stress – Antioxidants may help in Relieving the Oxidative Stress of Hyperglycemia

Protuff Plant Protein

Increase Insulin Response – High Protein may result in Significant Reduction in Hba(1c)


Reduces Hunger – Improves Satiety

Protuff Plant Protein

Kidney Friendly – May Improve Renal Functions (Creatinine Levels & GFR)

Protuff Plant Protein

Easy To Digest – Fortified with Digestive Enzymes and Free of Major Allergens

Protuff Plant Protein

No Bad Stuff – Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Gum Free and Sugar Free

Protuff Plant Protein

Dairy Free – 100% Vegan

Product USPs


Nutritional Value

Nutritional Information


Ingredient Information (Approximate Values)


Amino Acid Profile of Pea Protein Isolate

(Per 100g Serving)


How to Use

Direction of use

1 Scoop in 250 ml - 300 ml Water
Shake Well

Comparison Table

We never use gums or additives

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You be the judge and make a smart choice!

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Plix : https://www.plixlife.com/product/strength/
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Fast & Up : https://www.fastandup.in/product/plant-protein-powder
PROTUFF : https://www.protuffnutri.com/product/protuff-plant-protein-chocolate/

25 reviews for Belgian Chocolate Plant Protein

  1. Khushboo Rathi

    Amazing product I absolutely loved the packaging of the product. I would definitely recommend this product to you. The flavour is very tasty and I absolutely love Belgian chocolate flavour and it is now my favourite routine of all times and the best part is it comes in all the portions so when you are travelling you can carry it since it’s just a small box and you will not miss out on your protein.

  2. Srishti Arora

    “I personally recommended this product to every fitness lover ❤️..100% Vegan Plant Protein Powder is something that sounds amazing. I personally loved the Belgian chocolate flavour, so delicious. I would highly recommend this protein to everyone out there.
    Packaging is really great.”

  3. Alisha

    Great flavor…Amazingly great for any body type ♥️ Great taste and value for money . If you are looking for something to start with just go for it.

  4. Chandan Kapoor

    Amazing Results! Good taste and packaging.. Unexpected results! Good taste and easily gets dissolved in water.

  5. Priyanka chandani

    “Workout partner…Absolutely in love with the taste😋
    Just One Scoop Covers Up To Forty % Of Your Daily Protein Requirement.”

  6. Soubhagya Rout

    Good.. Value for money nd great in test

  7. prince gugnani

    “Amazing flavour…One of the best vegan protein that i’ve tried. It’s rich in antioxidants, amino acids and contains 25g of protein per serving which is very impressive for a vegan product.
    Also, the taste is so delicious!”

  8. Sakshi Verma

    Perfect.. Packing is good not at all fake and tastes so good

  9. Aanchal Malik

    It’s super healthy…I’m super amazed knowing that this product covers 40% proteins requirement of the body. Best part is that it’s completely vegan. I’m madly in love with it’s taste and most important it doesn’t even gives you bloating feeling. I’ll give 100/100 to this product for being so worth it. Keeping others things aside it’s actually very effective for my post workout.

  10. Shruti sharma

    Muscles…Healthy and worth trying. Helps in building muscles

  11. shammi singh

    Healthy and Nice Packed

  12. Aamir Khan

    “Simply I Love the flavour….100% Vegan Plant Protein Powder is something that sounds amazing.Unexpected results! Good taste and easily gets dissolved in water.
    I personally loved the Belgian chocolate flavour, so delicious. I would highly recommend this protein to everyone out there.
    Packaging is really great.”

  13. Tanish Sharma

    Value for money…PROTUFF Plant Protein Belgian Chocolate is good source of protein , I’m using it from last few days and I see changes in my body the chocolate flavour is good and it’s value for money

  14. Waresh

    Improves Strength, Stamina, Endurance…One Of The Best Plant Protein I Ever Had, Best In Taste, Best in results, Refreshing, Fulfills My Daily Nutrition, Loaded with Micronutrients.

  15. Vidit

    Easy digesting and good in taste

  16. Aman verma

    “I personally recommended this amazing product to everyone 💓 100% Vegan Plant Protein Powder is something that sounds amazing.I personally loved the Belgian chocolate flavour, so delicious. I would highly recommend this protein to everyone out there.
    Packaging is really great.”

  17. Aman Rana

    I used this protein from a week ago . And I see good and pretty minor results . I love the taste . In this money this is the best protein ever I tried . Highly recommend for beginners , ladies , girls .

  18. Abhishek Behal

    Stunning results… Absolute unexpected results using this from last 2 weeks and I have seen results on my body also have a good taste. As a beginner suggest you to all try this and support our Indian brand.

  19. Krupa Joshi

    Nice..Healthy & tasty, value for money

  20. Nitin pal

    Good product.. This is very tasty and value for money product.

  21. Abhijeet Singh

    Good for beginners.. This plant based protein is good for beginners without any side affects.

  22. Vineeth k

    Best and tasty supplement ever!!!…This is the best beginner supplement which i have ever tried.. it comes with amazing taste and its entirely plant protein .. this flavor definitely is the best among them.. i m sure everyone loves chocolate .. this is worth our money guys.. 👍👍👍

  23. Arpit Sirohi

    very high quality product love this product and the quality is very high easy to use and also easy to digest this product

  24. Mandira Dey

    “It’s a thoughtful blend of plant based protein, clinically researched ingredients. Add it to smoothie or shake or baking.
    Taste delicioussssss.
    Include it to your daily routine”

  25. Lavish Sehgal

    Amazing product for your daily supplement need and it’s got a good flavour and best in price

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